Umm Alqura for Development and Construction is a Saudi company with a developmental vision that aims to serve Makkah residents and visitors and transform Makkah into an advanced city by undertaking the development and growth of the Holy Capital. Umm Alqura strives to become the most advanced company in urban development in all its components, including the hospitality sector as well as commercial and real estate asset management and operation, with the aim of positioning Makkah among the top destinations in the region. Umm Alqura also aims to explore new avenues to help improve the quality of life for Makkah residents, pilgrims and visitors.
About Masar
Masar is the model development destination of Umm Alqura for Development and Construction with the slogan ‘Dedicated to Makkah.’ With King Abdulaziz Road as its core component, Masar establishes an integrated development infrastructure that adopts the concept of comprehensive mobility to serve Makkah residents, visitors, and pilgrims and facilitate their access to the Grand Mosque.

Location: Masar is located in the western part of Makkah all the way to Jabal Omar on the outskirts of the Haram Al Sharif.

Overview: Masar is 3,650 meters long and 320 meters wide and links the first, second and third ring roads to Abdullah Arif and Mansour roads.

Size: Masar spans a total area of 1.25 million square meters in addition to the 141,000 square meters occupied by King Abdullah Mosque at the center of the project land.